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#24: Change Your Limiting Beliefs & Behaviours with 2 Time-Based Techniques Elements

June 2, 2019

Welcome to the Badass Lightworker Podcast. My name is Ella Tsang, and I’m a spiritual life & business coach, master manifestor and lover of all things woo. If you are a spiritual entrepreneur or leader looking to own your purpose and truth to make massive impact in this world, then you’ve found the right place. It is my mission to empower badass ambitious lightworkers to embrace their soul purpose, shine their light online with confidence and manifest their most soul-aligned business and life. You deserve to create your dream reality and this podcast will give you all the spirituality, manifestation, mindset and business tools to make it all happen. Get ready to raise your vibration BIG TIME and to raise the vibration of this entire planet with your light.

In this episode, I chat with you all about the relationship between our memories from the past and our current reality, and introduce to you a powerful modality of NLP, Time-Based Techniques, that allows you to travel back in time to memories to shift your perception and let go of them. This helps create space to reinterpret limiting beliefs or behaviours and allows you to easily change them. Although Time-Based Techniques is a thorough process best walked through in a 1:1 session, I share with you 2 elements of Time-Based Techniques that you can think and journal on to work through any limiting beliefs or behaviours you may be facing now in life and business. 

If you want to get further support on dismantling and transforming your limiting beliefs and behaviours to serve the NEXT level version of you, be sure to reach out to me through one of the avenues below. I would love to see how I can help you with it! 

Hope you enjoy! 

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